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Most houses in Garsdale are still without an adequate broadband connection to the country's internet backbone.
The new project with "B4RN" is going ahead and the ducting has been installed as far as Grisdale..  
Past progress round Dentdale can be seen
here >>>>> and the Garsdale updates are here >>>>>> .
Dent Town have the option of staying with their 8Mb BT connection, or opting for the 120-times faster B4RN connection.  Houses further away will get a broadband connection for the first time.  BT have improved their service slightly, but it can hardly be called broadband in most of Garsdale.

Digging has reached the Village Hall and the cabinet has been installed next week.  The ducting has been extended as far as Grisdale, but there are some road and bridge crossings still to be done before fibre can be blown through.  Money has been raised to cover the major digging, but volunteers will be needed to dig awkward bits and the spurs to houses.  Investment in B4RN is more secure than in the previous scheme because B4RN have been established for a long time with proven success, and do not rely on evaporating government grants or engage companies that fail to deliver what they promise.  If you can help with digging under walls or just providing tea and cake, please contact

Lower Garsdale Garsdale Station
 Lower Garsdale can obtain broadband via a BT telephone line, but how fast is it?  Upper Garsdale relies on Kencomp's microwave system.

Broadband Speed Tests:  here >>>>>      or  here >>>>>     or  here >>>>>      (no recommendation is intended).