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Mount Zion Chapel
Hire Charges:
The chapel has recently been refurbished and an extension added including a toilet with disabled access, though there is a small step at the front.  
We wish to make the building available for
community and other use, so it is available for hire for events, or as a base for walkers etc.
The charge is £10 per session (morning, afternoon or evening), or £25 per day.  Overnight usage charges will be higher.
In addition, hirers will be asked to pay for the cost of electricity used, especially for heating which is expensive.  
The charge will be at our marginal cost:  17p per unit at peak rate, and 13p per unit at evening or weekend rate, based on meter readings.

Facilities are not extensive, but kettles and water boilers are provided.
The flush toilet uses harvested rainwater.  Drinking water will be provided separately at no charge.

To hire the building, please contact Alison on 019696-67356
   or David on 015396-21140, or e-mail David@Garsdale.info.